News to know: QuickTime exploit; Google's run done; Mozilla microformats

Headlines of the day.CSpan's Webcast of President Ford's funeral.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Headlines of the day.
CSpan's Webcast of President Ford's funeral.
Lots of Apple news to start the year.

Critical Mac QuickTime zero-day exploit released.
Meanwhile, Macworld chatter is heating
up. MacRumors.com has a rumor roundup. And what does Apple's home page hints mean?
Also inside Apple's lucky bag.

And Apple's options probe, which isn't likely to affect Steve Jobs.


Google also bridges the year with a bevy of news.

Google’s run is more than half done.
Gmail's contact list can be hijacked.
Will Gmail snafus delay Google Apps Enterprise launch?
Rough times for Gmail in the new year.

Wi-Fi Is Hitting the Road in Cars From Avis, but Technical and Legal Bumps Lie Ahead.
The gag is off: Samba’s Allison talks turkey on Microsoft-Novell deal. What makes the post more interesting is Jeremy's Allison's Talkback responses with ZDNet readers.
Kaspersky Ships Vista AV Support
China-based Browser Maxthon Going Global in 2007.

The Year in Review/Preview

IT that mattered in 2006.
The year ahead.

The IT Hottest Skills for 2007.

5 Disruptive Technologies To Watch In 2007.

CIO survey: IT spending projections down for 2007.

IT Inferences for 2007. 

Data center quarantines might not be workable.

Ailing music biz set to relax digital restrictions.

Does Microformats: Firefox 3 as Information Broker.
Study: 2 of 5 Bosses Don't Keep Word.

Checkfree acquires Carreker. 

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