News to know: Real-time search; Apple-Psystar; FTC-Intel; AT&T; EU-Microsoft

Google's real-time search, the FTC's lawsuit against Intel and Microsoft's EU antitrist probe top today's headlines.
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Larry Dignan: Google's real-time search: Can it monetize it?

Jason D. O'Grady: Judge grants permanent injunction against Psystar

Larry Dignan: FTC sues Intel, aims to shape the GPU market

Doug Hanchard: AT&T to FCC: Open to Net Neutrality ideas - with conditions

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's browser bundling battle is over (for this decade, at least)

Sam Diaz: Hollywood's cure for piracy is innovation, not lawsuits

Garett Rogers: Merge your Gmail contacts with two clicks

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Seagate announced super-slim 2.5in Momentus Thin hard drive

Harry Fuller: Copen-failin' ? Copen-farce?

Brian Sommer: ERP Rigidity - What Agresso Found Out - Key Factors

Harry Fuller: Vinod's views on green car tech of future

Matthew Miller: Microsoft removes ads from Zune HD apps, games still have them

Brian Sommer: Dear Santa : The CXO ERP Xmas Letter

Matthew Miller: Hands-on: Twitter comes to the Zune HD, Facebook should be next

Andrew Nusca: LaCie debuts most compact 2.5-in. hard drive ever

Sam Diaz: Morgan Stanley sees bright future for mobile Web, credits Apple for changing game

Jason Perlow: How to avoid modern day public GPL floggings

Jennifer Leggio: Your influencers are not my influencers

Ryan Naraine: Adobe PDF attack update: Patch coming Jan 12

Mary Jo Foley: Just in time for Christmas: How to install, reinstall and uninstall Windows

Dana Gardner: Early thoughts on IBM buying Lombardi: Keep it simple

Heather Clancy: How much can IT change the climate equation?

CNET: FBI makes arrest in 'Wolverine' uploading case

Jason D. O'Grady: Developers defecting from App Store to HTML5

Heather Clancy: How Microsoft keeps its cloud green

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source acceptance is not the end of the world

Rachel King: Moodagent: How to make your iPhone moody

Dan Kusnetzky: Automation in the cloud still in flux

Dancho Danchev: FBI: Scareware distributors stole $150M

Dennis Howlett: 2010 Prediction: nothing (much) will happen

Larry Dignan: Amazon adds streaming media to its CloudFront

Christopher Dawson: Hey, kids! Sexting is a bad idea!

ZDNet UK: Fujitsu recalls laptop batteries over fire risk

Doug Hanchard: Regulators should put wireless operating systems on probation

Larry Dignan: The decade in tech: Top 5 stories of the '00s

Ryan Naraine: Mozilla patches critical, high-risk Firefox vulnerabilities

Podcast: Will the Google phone be subsidized?

Joe McKendrick: Ten examples of SOA at work, circa 2009 (Part 2)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hardware 2.0 2009

ZDNet Australia: Aussie adult site fears end of Net porn

Dana Gardner: New HP offerings enable telcos to deliver more safe cloud services fast

Dana Blankenhorn: Alzheimer's the disease of the year for 2009

Rachel King: Holiday Gift Ideas: Five last-minute stocking stuffers for the photographer

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