News to know: Salesforce.com; Second Life currency theft; SAP; Document standards

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Salesforce.com rolls out customer data sharing; eyes 1 million subscribers.
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Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Salesforce.com rolls out customer data sharing; eyes 1 million subscribers. Dan Farber: SAP blesses the iPhone. Michael Krigsman: SAP Influencer Summit: SOA grows up

David Berlind: Did the W3C acknowledge CDF’s potential as an office format (vs ODF) in newly public e-mail? Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft starts rolling out more OOXML translators.

Microsoft to deliver Office 2007 SP1 early.

Ryan Naraine: QuickTime hack allows Second Life currency theft. Grisoft snaps up Exploit Prevention Labs. Richard Stiennon: Ten threat predictions for 2008.

Will the Feds take down a big hacker group in 2008?

Ed Burnette: Netbeans 6.0 weighs in at a paltry 12M. Dan Farber: Sun hungrily awaits the Red Shif

t. Technorati rolls out Percolator and Blogger Central.

Photos: Gibson's self-tuning six string (right). Researcher: Al-Qaida-linked Web sites number 5,600.

AppleInsider: Apple validates 13-inch LED backlight units ahead of ultra-portable. Matthew Miller: Nokia World 2007: Avvenu acquisition, internet radio, free music, and more. Larry Dignan: Nokia: Dissecting the moving parts.

Roland Piquepaille: Building 3-D particles with light.

Ryan Stewart: Flickr and Picnik - RIAs continue to go mainstream. Digital Inspiration has exclusive screenshots of Live Documents. BusinessWeek: Verizon embraces Google's Android.

Google Blogoscoped: Chat With AIM Users From Gmail.

Christopher Dawson: Writer's Cafe is slick, cross-platform software for all writers

David Berlind: Video: Amazon's Kindle in a crashed state -- must the content be reloaded? Amazon's Kindle: Much needed revolution or book industry power play?

Cisco names new CTO.

Podcast: Beacon woes, Techonorati revamp, Kindle, ODF and more...

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Fastest Windows Vista notebook - MacBook Pro. Could Apple allow Windows apps to run natively? David Morgenstern: Are Macs more blue than red?

George Ou: Firefox vs. Internet Explorer: No real security winner. Mozilla's Mike Shaver's first response and second one.

Dana Blankenhorn: The real argument agai

nst electronic health records.

Photos: Antarctica in HD.

Larry Dignan: Survey: 13 percent of CIOs plan to add staff soon. Bruce Schneier on the 10 year security outlook (it's worrisome).

Dennis Howlett: Customer intimacy not strong at SAP. SAP unveils its first software for iPhone.

Dana Blankenhorn: Fear Factor in BitTorrent debate.

Robin Harris: 3 simple ways to optimize for Google PageRank.

Computerworld: Facebook's Beacon just the tip of the privacy iceberg.

Steve O'Hear: MySpace launches "Transmissions" - exclusive content from major label artists.

Securing Microsoft: Inviting the hackers inside.

Russell Shaw: VoIP sessions subpar? Try this. "iPhone" is Google's "fastest rising U.S. search term" of 2007: here's why.

Heather Clancy: When it comes to buying tech, about 12 percent of Americans are “bright green

AT&T, Verizon Wireless agree to asset swap.

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