News to know: Vista questions; Scoble's bad week; LinkedIn spam

Notable headlines:Net pioneer predicts overwhelming botnet surge.Adobe: Make room for Photoshop Lightroom.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:
Net pioneer predicts overwhelming botnet surge.
Adobe: Make room for Photoshop Lightroom.

GM: ‘Stand by. We’re about to spam you.’
Will Oracle launch Unbreakable MySQL?

News Corp. shuns Fox Interactive in ROO deal.

Will new architecture association help drive SOA skillsets?
Big software firms take aim at Web 2.0.
Vista launches:

Vista: Where are the killer apps?
Vista skepticism pervades, may be misplaced.
Buying Vista? Get a guarantee.
Vista photos/video.
Marketing campaign for Vista high-steps it in New York.
Debut and departure for Windows chief
Vista upgrade could lead to woes.
I’m excited about Windows Vista. 

Robert Scoble's bad week: Shilling for Intel. Clarification on PodTech’s Intel commissioned video. Scoble: Don’t worry about the links, fix the video. Scoble response. The stress of podcasting. Why you SHOULD be livid at me.

German shares higher at midday led by SAP amid rumours of takeover bid by Oracle.
Oracle making a play for SAP? No way.

Apple pays $700,000 for bloggers' legal fees.
Microsoft backpedals on programming patent. Microsoft: “It was simply an error”.
Salesforce.com: When On-Demand Goes Off.
Verizon Wireless passed on iPhone two years ago. Verizon: We’re happy we’re not first to market with the iPhone. Verizon: New fiber rollout isn’t cheap.
Tech earnings:

JDA Software Widens 4th-Quarter Loss
Symantec Can't Break Spending Habit.
Profit Falls at CNet.
Kronos net down 8.5% on compensation.

The sun rises on Google Earth.
Intel’s business is not microprocessors, it is in monetizing Moore’s Law.
Spammed through LinkedIn? Time to nuke a connection. Here’s how.
TomTom shipped viruses on its navigation devices.
Safari needs Google Docs support.
Palm releases Direct Push update for Palm OS based Treos
IT Struggles to Show BI Value
A visual timeline of the Microsoft-Novell controversy.

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