News to know: Vista SP1; XP on OLPC; Facebook's lessons

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Want to test Vista SP1? Wait til next week.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Want to test Vista SP1? Wait til next week. Microsoft delivers test build of cloud-programming toolset. Simple Sharing Extensions get a new lease on life.

IE team shares ... a version number...Microsoft moves a step closer toward getting Windows on OLPCs.

Ed Burnette: Microsoft creates GWT clone

Dan Farber: Zuckerberg speaks: Lessons learned from Beacon. Facebook Beacon complete opt-in missing piece (updated). Larry Dignan: Overstock: Playing wait-and-see with Facebook's Beacon. Steve O'Hear: At last,

Facebook's CEO says sorry for Beacon; universal opt-out now an option. Techmeme roundup.

Images: Making wind power that lasts all day (right).

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Steve Jobs wants you to pay $4 to "space-shift" DVDs

Larry Dignan: U.S. Postal Service to Netflix: You’re killing us on labor. Google updates iPhone interface; ties apps together. Comcast's stumble: More competition than economy?

Google: Rewriting the book on data centers.

Russell Shaw: Seattle man has registered "": Is a "Secret Diary of Mark Zuckerberg" next? AT&T Mobility CEO: "you can use any handset on our network you want." Hmm, let's look a little closer at that

Phil Wainewright: A platform for the SaaS channel. Joe McKendrick: SAP: 'customizing is out, extending is in'. Dan Kusnetzky: The dynamic duo of virtual storage and virtual processing

Ryan Stewart: Finally. WPF Yahoo! Messenger available for preview

Robin Harris: Mac Safari's cool new Inspector

Paul Murphy: Cost comparison: Solaris/SPARC vs Linux/x86

Verizon forced to turn over text messages.

Russell Shaw: Skype-IBM Lotus SameTime licensing partnership seen as likely. Comcast plugs DigitalVoice during my service call.

Securing Microsoft: The next generation of security threat. Gallery: Microsoft's bug hunters. OpenOffice plugs code execution vulnerability.

Heather Clancy: Are data centers really meant to be green?

Christopher Dawson: Will educational software ever be fun?

Jason O'Grady: iTunes 8 needs subscriptions and rental.

Collaborating in virtual environments. When application failure is not an option.

Phone Scoop: Sprint XOHM will soft launch soon.

Matthew Miller: Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 upgrade available along with SIM-free version

Dana Blankenhorn: Eclipse gets accessibility toolkit.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: First look at the ATI Radeon HD 3870. If you're concerned about security, look beyond the browser


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