News to know: Vista tweaks; Firefox 3; Life streaming for business; Office

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: 10 top tweaks for Windows Vista. Gallery (right).
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Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: 10 top tweaks for Windows Vista.

Gallery (right).

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to show off a corporate Facebook-like prototype

Dennis Howlett: CIO perspective: Patrick Slesinger, Wallem

Dancho Danchev: Fake ImageShack site serving malware, links distributed over IM

Jennifer Leggio: Could life streaming make the corporate newsletter obsolete?

Mozilla: Coming Tuesday, June 17th: Firefox 3

Heather Clancy: Shifting the load? Sun studies energy consumption implications of telecommuting

Christopher Dawson: Will it work with Office?

Dan Farber: Eric Schmidt in conversation with Ken Auletta

Joe McKendrick: You have SOA answers; we have questions

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Snow Leopard to leave PowerPC users out in the cold?

Josh Taylor: Father's Day gifts for gadget freaks. Gallery (right)

Zack Whittaker: See your potential future salaries

Techrepublic: Sanity check: Will IT 2.0 eliminate the geeks or spawn a new breed?

AppleInsider: Apple's App Store could emerge as $1.2B business by 2009

TechCrunch: Jeff Weiner's Departure From Yahoo Imminent, Speculation on Successor Begins

Larry Dignan: Intel plays show and tell: Environment, visual computing (multi)core themes

Dana Blankenhorn: What value in the Red Hat patent guarantee?

Review: Samsung Q1 Ultra PremiumReuters: Starbucks and AT&T reach deal with T-Mobile

Silicon Alley Insider: Facebook Now Endorsing Apps “You May Like”

Matthew Miller: Samsung announces the OMNIA Windows Mobile device with 5 megapixel camera

Joe McKendrick: Microsoft signs onto Unified Modeling Language for SOA

Roland Piquepaille:Testing new transistors in space

Dana Gardner: Live TIBCO panel examines role and impact of service performance management in enterprise SOA deployments

John Carroll: Lessons from American university education

News.com: Turning the TV into a ‘social-media center’

Firefox 3.0 RC3 available for download

Dan Kusnetzky: ManageIQ releases EVM 2.0

Google's Brin plots space jaunt; Is this a problem?

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