News to know: Vista vulnerabilities; Apple patent; Google paid storage; Linux

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: ATI driver flaw exposes Vista kernel to attackers.On deck: Critical Windows, Office, IE patches.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: ATI driver flaw exposes Vista kernel to attackers.

On deck: Critical Windows, Office, IE patches. Cisco.com goes dark on patch day. Cisco blog.

Jason O'Grady: Apple’s multi-touch trackpad patent.

Techmeme: Google goes with paid storage. Garett Rogers: Google may be preparing for GDrive with paid storage.

George Ou: LinuxWorld 2007 goes green with Green Grid consortium.

Images: Linuxworld 2007 (right). Paula Rooney: Linux-Microsoft Lovefest at LinuxWorld Expo.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's renamed Windows Live SkyDrive service gets a refresh. Windows Live SkyDrive blog. A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Cosmos.

David Berlind: Can't I swap Twitter for FaceBook's status box? (and other FaceBook questions). Couldn't enterprises outsource their internal white pages to FaceBook?

Energy geeks compete for coolest solar home.

TechCrunch: AOL May Kill Their Netscape Digg Clone. TheStreet.com: Nvidia doubles profit.

Larry Dignan: Notable nuggets from Google's 10Q. Vonage: Has the bleeding stopped? Techmeme on Vonage.

Matthew Miller: The Missing Sync v4.0 beats the pants off of Microsoft’s ActiveSync. Gallery (right).

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: How misleading was the "Windows Vista Capable" campaign? Vendors turn WiFi into a total disaster. Michael Krigsman: Self-Contradictory Government IT Failure Report. Russell Shaw: Mobile phone architect lists 10 iPhone problems.

Jason O'Grady: iPhone can send photos to Web Gallery (updated). David Morgenstern: Finding evidence of Mac life at LinuxWorld. Christopher Dawson: My anti-Mac bias rears its ugly head. Larry Dignan: Kiss your email attachments goodbye. VMware ups IPO price range; preps for lift off.

Roland Piquepaille: A pollution indicator on our car dashboard? Heather Clancy Collins: Blade guys have their say about energy efficiency.

Steve O'Hear: FlashFlashRevolution launches widget for bands. NYT: Equity Firm Invests in NBC Universal-News Corp. Online Venture.

Police agencies push for drone sky patrols. Images (right): Unmanned vehicles take to air, land and sea. EMC to buy Tablus.

Ryan Stewart: Mobile devices and rich internet applications for increasing the reach of your application.

David Berlind: HP to safety official's e-mail regarding potentially dangerous laser printer emissions: 'Delete'

Walled gardens: A necessary evil.

'Madden' said to regain past glory.

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