News to know: VMWare; White House; Google Books; Skype; Apple vs Android

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Larry Dignan: VMware to step up data center automation game

Sam Diaz: White House not equipped to hold keys to the Internet

Richard Koman: Sony lines up with Google over Books deal

Dancho Danchev: Source code for Skype eavesdropping trojan in the wild

Jennifer Bergen: Apple App Store sells twice as many apps as Android Market

Jason Perlow: Apple's Snow Leopard Completely Blows It Virtually

Richard Koman: GPS nails iPhone thieves - shopping at Walmart

Sam Diaz: Will the FCC's inquiries about wireless market be a waste of time?

Garett Rogers: Microsoft screwing themselves while they try to screw Google

Matthew Miller: Soulbytes provide professionally narrated inspiration

Tom Foremski: Where have all the blogs gone?

Sam Diaz: Intel raises Q3 outlook; shares rising

Christopher Dawson: Ummm...sorry...I only Facebook

Andrew Nusca: How desktop virtualization will end IT client hardware maintenance (and kill off Best Buy's Geek Squad)

Phil Fersht: Facebook: the twenty-to-one rule

David Morgenstern: Snow Leopard's 'restricted' applications

Tom Foremski: Silicon Valley has one hand tied behind its back

Dennis Howlett: Weekend fun: Gartner Hype Cycles revista

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft makes standalone Hyper-V R2 server available for download

Janice Chen: Sony's new Alpha DSLR-A850: First full-frame dSLR under $2,000

Dana Gardner: Nimble business process management helps enterprises gain rapid productivity returns

Sam Diaz: Reports: China Unicom to sell iPhone

Heather Clancy: Search engine lets you earn 'swag' on behalf of reforestation program

Robin Harris: Snow Leopard fixes disk capacity bug

Rachel King: Apple to add digital camera to classic iPod?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft: No IE 8 tab-hang fix in the works

Dana Blankenhorn: SaaS puts small medical foundations on fast forward

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: BlackBerry Tour 3G, Portable USA digital picture frame, Logitech Pure Fi iPod speaker

Andrew Nusca: David Byrne: 'Inevitably someone will hack the Kindle'

Christopher Dawson: Will Wikipedia ever be legitimate?

Sam Diaz: Iomega's NAS: Is the mainstream ready for network storage?

Jason D. O'Grady: The impact of installing Rosetta on Snow Leopard (Spoiler: none)

Zack Whittaker: Map a network drive to your online SkyDrive, Amazon S3 or Google Apps

Rachel King: Mintpass designing digital camera and frame package

Andrew Nusca: Apple: Cracked European iPhones show outside pressure

Zack Whittaker: Universities should embrace existing online identities

Brian Sommer: A Peek Ahead - A Technology That Should Get More Visibility

Andrew Mager: Spotify redefines streaming music

Dan Kusnetzky: Snow Leopard Blues - Users of Exchange 2003 should avoid this update

Sean Portnoy: More cool HDTVs are announced for Asia; we wait to find out if we'll ever see them here

Paul Murphy: Vindications: ah, the week that was

Robin Harris: Apple kicks ZFS in the butt

Jason Perlow: Frugal Friday: SONY e-book readers, SCO, Snow Leopard, SCALE Computing

Heather Clancy: University to publish energy metrics via social networking

Jason D. O'Grady: Facebook 3.0 for iPhone released and reviewed

David Morgenstern: Snow Leopard's RTF, Rosetta handling: Beware of changed behaviors

Ryan Naraine: Apache.org hit by SSH key compromise

Heather Clancy: AMD recaps 2008 green and sustainability initiatives

Dana Blankenhorn: Health IT start-ups can avoid the political minefield

Andrew Nusca: Apple working on 10", 13", 15" tablets [rumor mill]

Phil Wainewright: When is a cloud not a cloud?

Rachel King: Fall digital camcorder release round-up

ZDNet Australia: 64-bit Snow Leopard defaults to 32-bit kernel

Dana Blankenhorn: Aussies give open source golden crumbs from Microsoft table

Dancho Danchev: Snow Leopard's malware protection only scans for two Trojans

Mary Jo Foley: No Microsoft Office Web Apps test build in August, after all

Jason Hiner: Over 75% of organizations haven't upgraded to latest Microsoft Office

CNET: Italian regulators examine Google News

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Corsair launches 8/12GB high-speed memory kits for Core i5/i7 CPUs

Dan Kusnetzky: Doing the trade show dance

Video: Is the Apple rumor mill getting out of control?

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