News to know: Volleying data; Office 2.0; iApology; Patch Tuesday preview

Notable headlines:Images: Follow the bouncing data at the U.S.
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Notable headlines:

Images: Follow the bouncing data at the U.S. Open (right). Larry Dignan: IBM: Volleying data at the U.S. Open.

Office 2.0 coverage:

Ed Bott: Putting Blu-ray / HD-DVD to the test. Joe McKendrick: Good SOA testing needs a lot of sign-offs.

Ryan Naraine: Coming on Patch Tuesday: Windows, MSN Messenger Updates. Apple plugs gaping iTunes hole, doesn't tell everyone. Storm Worm botnet could be world's most powerful supercomputer.

Mary Jo Foley: Could there be such a thing as a free Microsoft lunch? Microsoft to sync its future Windows client and server fixes and updates. Microsoft: Volume licensees to get fewer CDs, shorter contracts.

Steve Jobs open letter to iPhone customers. Techmeme.

Apple to give $100 credit to iPhone buyers. Larry Dignan: What Jobs' iApology reveals about the iPhone. Ed Burnette: How much is Apple loyalty worth? Dennis Howlett:Steve Jobs smart credit move. Michael Krigsman, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Russell Shaw and Jason O'Grady on the move.

DOJ comments on Net neutrality. Russell Shaw: U.S. "Justice" Dept says OK for ISPs to assess surcharges for priority traffic. Judge deals blow to Patriot Act. AMD nurtures open-source graphics.

Phil Windley: Why Vista?

David Berlind: Don't let OOXML vs. ODF shenanigans tarnish other standards setters.

Microsoft aims at VMware's virtualization lead.

Ryan Stewart: "Online Photoshop" screenshot released.

Heather Clancy Collins: Psst, pass it along. (Or, taking "regifting" to new extremes). Harry Fuller: It's red hot in the green tech world.

Michael Krigsman: Rescuing software trainwrecks, without sacrificing goats. New techniques for saving failed projects.

Matthew Miller: HP announces new Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices.

David Morgenstern: Grokking the iPod.

Dennis Howlett: TIBCO hits skids on weak financial service markets.

Photos: Gadgets galore at IFA show (right).

Garett Rogers: Search your feeds with Google Reader, but not with Opera.

Dana Blankenhorn: Ban cell phones from hospitals?

New chip promises to track kids from miles away.

Intel sued over 'dual-core' branding.

Ad Age: The long tail is just not that long.

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