News to know: Windows 7, Azure, SAP, Google book scans, RIM

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Ed Bott: A first look at Windows 7's pre-beta PDC releaseMary-Jo Foley: Windows 7: What's coming for business usersLarry Dignan: Windows 7: Will it completely freeze Vista deployments?

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Ed Bott: A first look at Windows 7's pre-beta PDC release

Mary-Jo Foley: Live blogging PDC Keynote Day 2: Windows 7, Live Mesh and more

John Carroll: Windows Azure defined

Mary Jo-Foley: Microsoft to 'webify' Office (sort of)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft Live Mesh to bridge Windows and Mac

Larry Dignan: SAP pulls its outlook 'in light of the uncertainties'

Larry Dignan: Google settles book scan suit for $125 million

Larry Dignan: RIM: The next month is critical with Blackberry sales mixed

Michael Krigsman: accepts blame for ERP problems

Sam Diaz: Congress blasts tech giants for cooperating with Chinese government

Christopher Dawson: Do you have a call notification system?

Dan Kusnetzky: Ncomputing: Sharing the power of a single computer

Dennis Howlett: Cloudy views and more aaS

Janice Chen: Best new feature for photographers in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Ryan Stewart: SlideRocket opens up to the public

Ryan Naraine: Facebook worm finds a friend in Google Reader

Sam Diaz: Comcast's faster web: tempting users to reach for the (bandwidth) ceiling [Video]

Robin Harris: Blu-ray is dead - heckuva job, Sony!

Andrew Nusca: Walmart to sell Android G1 at discount. So what?

Richard Koman: Judge lectures RIAA on their ethics (or lack thereof)

Dana Blankenhorn: Hard questions at the heart of open source security

Richard Koman: Dolly doesn't want to share white space

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Ubuntu's Shuttleworth: "I don't think anyone can make money from the Linux desktop"

Larry Dignan: In search ad revenue models

CIO Session: Technorati VP of engineering: Dorion Carroll [Video]

Heather Clancy: Start saving those water bottles: More will show up in your computer.

Brian Sommer: Reengineering HR Solutions

James Staten: Enterprise readiness of Cloud ratcheting up

Roland Piquepaille: Genetically modified tomatoes to fight cancer?

Mitche Ratcliffe: Thanks to Google, writers' lives may be even more thankless, unless....

Dennis Howlett: Oracle new support community: no code sharing? closed?

Sean Portnoy: Mitsubishi's LaserVue HDTV is finally shipping

Joe McKendrick: Analyst: 'SOA is working'

Adam O'Donnell: Talkback Tuesday: latest MS vulnerability

Sean Portnoy: Network storage wars: MvixUSA ups the ante with 3TB MvixBox

Oliver Marks: It's primetime for collaboration mashups

David Morgenstern: FireWire-to-USB cable, Windows-only for now

Janice Chen: How to take great pictures of your dog


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