News to know: Windows 7; Google; Pepcom gadgets; Apple

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Ed Bott: How long will Microsoft support XP and Vista?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Ed Bott: How long will Microsoft support XP and Vista?

Adam O'Donnell: Webmail providers can fix Palin hack-style problems

Is the HTC Dream Google Android device targeted to feature phone users?

Mary Jo Foley: Ballmer sets a new (and potentially much later) retirement date

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hardware 2.0 "Best Kit List" for Oct/Nov 08.

Gallery (right)

Ryan Naraine: Adobe moves to nuke 'clipboard hijack' attacks

Garett Rogers: Microsoft, this is how you can deal with Google

WSJ: Yahoo's New Board to Meet

NYT: Why the Google-Yahoo Ad Deal Is Nothing to Fear

VMWare issues 'critical' ESXi security advisory

EIC Podcast: Wall Street; Sarah Palin's email; Web 2.0

San Francisco Chronicle: Silicon Valley's resiliency might get tested

Larry Dignan: Beware the shocking iPhone 3G power adapters

Deb Perelman: Ever wish you could fire your IT boss?

TechRepublic: What should I do: CEO wants to micromanage

Andrew Nusca: Pepcom Holiday Spectacular! NYC 2008. Gallery right

Matthew Miller: Apple files notification screen patent, is this really that unique?

Michael Krigsman: Warning: failure-driven IT layoffs ahead

News.com: If Best Buy walks Real's Rhapsody will hurt

Zack Whittaker: Google's insightful looking glass

Sean Portnoy: Sanyo debuts 120Hz 1080p LCD projector

Jason O'Grady:iPhone developer makes $250k in two months

Apple security not ready for enterprise prime-time

Dennis Howlett: Help this guy: saas, cloud, the whole shebang

Sam Diaz: Can a case be made against the Palin e-mail hacker?

Photos: Academy of Sciences rebirth

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft's "Phase 2" ad campaign - No mention of Vista anywhere

Jennifer Leggio: FriendFeed redesign - win; Twitter redesign - 'lipstick on a pig'?

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Ariana's Secret & The "Obsessive-Compulsive" WebBoomTown: Why the Yahoogle Deal Will Likely Launch-And Be Coming to an Internet Near You on October 9

Heather Clancy:Southern Edison gets green light, some moolah for smart metering program

Paul Murphy: Are certifications worth the money?

Roland Piquepaille:Producing insulin with human skin cells?

Bits: Will This E-Reader Replace Papers?

Dana Blankenhorn: Is open source politically attractive?

Intel's secret weapon: Fresh air

Steve O'Hear:Yahoo launches new social network; Twitter redesign; Rumor: Ebay selling off StumbleUpon

Personal syndication overload? Just pare your apps

Cisco gobbles up Jabber

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