News to know: Windows Live debunked; 3GSM; Internet do over

Notable headlines: Windows Live: A guide for the perplexed. Screen Shots: What Windows Live Is (and Isn't).
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 

Windows Live: A guide for the perplexed. Screen Shots: What Windows Live Is (and Isn't).
Schneier: Do not upgrade to Vista.
BlackBerry patent app depicts “pickpocket mode."
Can Executives Find Happiness With a BlackBerry Minus Its Scroll Wheel?

More buyers home in on Office 2007.

Vista Hands On #1: What you need to know about product keys.

AT&T taps MediaFlo for mobile TV.

PowerHype At Powerset.
JavaScript Badges and Widgets Considered Harmful.
GPL 3 release could slip past March.
Video: Windows Mobile (the phone OS) takes evolutionary step in Version 6.

Apple may see royalties from Cingular subscriber growth.

IBM's Power6: Bigger iron, lower power.

Eight nations set to get $150 laptops.
BEA exec: Get business users involved in app development.

A Clean Slate for the Internet.


Boingo gets mobile gadgets hooked on Wi-Fi.
New Nokia phones call up Net from Barcelona. Nokia announces the E65, E61i, N77, 6110, and E90 at 3GSM. Gallery.
HP unveils smart phone at 3GSM.
Wireless sharpens its edge in Barcelona.
ASUS, BenQ Siemens, Gigabyte, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, and Palm show off Windows Mobile 6 devices. Gallery.

Photos: At the Toy Fair, lots and lots of Legos.
Google seen powering podcast ad growth.

Beats Estimates. Transcript.

768 cores ought to be enough for anybody.
Heed the Call to Check Out the iPaq 510 Voice Messenger.

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