News to know: Yahoo; Enterprise mashups; Ubuntu; Intel; IBM

Notable headlines:Dion Hinchcliffe: The 10 top challenges facing enterprise mashups. Dave Greenfield: Top 100 Enterprise 2.

Notable headlines:

Dion Hinchcliffe: The 10 top challenges facing enterprise mashups. Dave Greenfield: Top 100 Enterprise 2.0 Links. Dan Farber: Coming up: Web 2.0 Summit

Garett Rogers: Google Apps Gmail now uses the Gmail storage counter.


Kingsley-Hughes: Looking forward to Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon." Gallery right.

Larry Dignan: Yahoo notches Wall Street win; Aims to be Internet 'starting point.' Techmeme on Yahoo. Jerry Yang: Where does Yahoo head next?

Services boost Big Blue third quarter results. Intel third quarter results solid; ups fourth quarter revenue target.

Tech Trader Daily: Seagate Sold Out On Drives For Q4, CEO Watkins Says; But No Current Plans To Add Capacity.

Dan Farber: Amazon's EC2 opens up and scales out.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft gets the open-source licensing nod from the OSI. Are all 'open' Web platforms created equal? Dana Blankenhorn: Was OSI right to let Microsoft licenses in? Can OpenSolaris become an alternative to enterprise Linux? Dan Farber: Microsoft's 'click to communicate' for the Windows world.

George Ou: $60 router + DD-WRT = high-end wireless router and switch. Gallery right.

Webware: MySpace, Skype to partner. Symbian unveils FreeWay for speedier mobile phones.

David Morgenstern: Karelia's new Mac media browser for the rest of us. Jason O'Grady: It's official: Leopard unleashed October 26. Unresponsive iPhone touch screens. Apple dropping iTunes Plus tracks to 99 cents. Ars Technica: Jobs confirms iTunes Plus price drop across the board.

Ed Burnette: Polarion blinks in struggle over Subversion. Ryan Stewart: Electric R

ain finally releases beta of WPF-based StandOut (gallery right). Joe McKendrick: Java now shares limelight with other platforms. David Berlind: Expanding on Carr's latest anthem: The business PC doesn't matter. Why a gPhone (Google Phone) is a lovely... no, an awful.. no, a lovely idea. Silicon, silicone and Alaskan salmon. Dana Gardner: BEA-Oracle products assimilation roadmap analyzed, but what about the sales forces?

Matthew Miller: S60 touch technology announced, watch out Apple. Steve O'Hear: MySpace to share ad-revenue with Sony BMG. Roland Piquepaille: RFID tags help you to choose clothes.


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