News to know: Yang's runway; Apple patch; Google; Gates' last week

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Yang's recovery runway: Months to days (and board should go too). TechmemeGoogle's display ad gravy train rests with YouTubeRichard Koman: Ad targeting technology violate privacy, groups sayRyan Naraine: Microsoft blames 'human issues' for Bluetooth patch hiccupMozilla confirms Firefox 3.
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Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Yang's recovery runway: Months to days (and board should go too). Techmeme

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft blames 'human issues' for Bluetooth patch hiccup

EIC podcast: Yahoo; Firefox 3, Gates' last week; Millennials

Paula Rooney: Mobile Firefox Fennec critical to maintaining Mozilla's momentum

Dana Gardner:  Interview: HP Software's David Gee on next generation data center trends and opportunities

 Garett Rogers: Google needs to rethink its customer service strategy

Michael Krigsman: Lame NHS loses 31,000 patient records

Robin Harris: Apple announces ZFS on Snow Leopard

Ryan Stewart: Practice Fusion shows off 'Google Apps' for doctors

Mitch Ratcliffe: Wiretapping: This was no time for a compromise

Jennifer Leggio: Corporate intranets via SaaS are the future but are not without risk

Dana Blankenhorn: GPL divide still lives, one year on

Ed Bott: Good Microsoft wins one

Boomtown: Facebook's Matt Cohler to Benchmark Silicon Alley Insider: Bebo: Facebook Redesign's Could Screw Us* (TWX)

Tech Trader Daily: Apple: Oppenheimer Says AT&T iPhone Subsidy Is $325 Apple 2.0: iPhone suppliers expect to ship 10 million units in Q3 alone

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Radeon HD 4850 - Another GPU that fails to keep up with the aging 8800 GTS

Zack Whittaker: Plagiarism detection style software identify authors of terrorist propaganda

Andrew Nusca: Study: Early gadget adopters 'conceited' and 'arrogant'

Oliver Marks: Openness

Gallery: Apple opens store in Sydney (right)

Dan Kusnetzky: Views from VMware's Analyst Day

Dana Blankenhorn: Will Reddit open source decision change publishing?

James Farrar: Vodafone's Big(ish?) Adventure

Michael Krigsman: IT catfight in Portland, OR

Overcoming hurdles to unified communications technology

Jason O'Grady: iPhone developers roundtable

Apple: iTunes hits 5 billion songs sold mark

IDG: EBay Boosts Fraud Protections for PayPal Users

Photos: A detour to Geek Squad City

HP to reorganize printer business

How to maximize performance in virtualized environments

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