Nexus 7 UK launch marred by confusion and failed deliveries

Android fans are finally getting their hands on Google's tablet, but the launch in the UK appears to have been somewhat messy
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

The UK rollout of Google's Nexus 7 appears to have been slightly chaotic, with retailers reporting conflicting dates on when the tablet will be available.

Nexus 7
There has been some confusion in the UK about when Google's Nexus 7 tablet will go on sale. Image credit: Josh Miller/CNET News

On Wednesday, the Dixons Retail group, which runs Currys and PC World stores, said the Android slate had gone on sale. However, later in the day we had to amend our story after Dixons representatives told us they had got the date wrong, and the Nexus 7 would only be coming out on Thursday. Strangely, The Verge also had to publish a similar correction, only that story related to the online retailer Ebuyer, not Dixons.

Meanwhile, we have heard reports that some customers who had ordered early through Ebuyer received their units last Friday.

As for those who pre-ordered through Google itself — now back in the online retail game, after an earlier failure with the Nexus One — the company suggested those ordering 8GB models would get theirs this week, while those who opted for the 16GB version would likely have to wait until next week.

My 16GB model arrived today, but there are several reports out there of failed deliveries that were allegedly down to Google passing on incomplete addresses to their couriers.

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