NGINX Plus Release 12 adds scalability and management

Company says that improvements to content cache and web server along with a major revision of its scripting tool are the core of the release.


NGINX CEO Gus Robertson said the update would "empower organizations to deliver the... digital experiences that users rely on".

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Web server company NGINX's latest release promises a range of new features including enhanced scalability and content caching, along with improvements to configuration management within a cluster and enhanced programmability with nginScript.

NGINX Plus is the company's software application delivery platform that includes a load balancer, content cache, and web server.

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The company said that release was developed "in response to user requests for more programmability, scalability, and automated management". The company says that its software is now in use at over 300 million sites worldwide.

It includes other new features like configuration management within a cluster, and the ability to safely autoscale a load-balanced applications with proactive application-level health checks.

NGINX CEO Gus Robertson said the update would "empower organizations to deliver the... digital experiences that users rely on, while ensuring they can... monitor and maintain them on the backend with detailed monitoring and health checks".

Other new capabilities in the Plus R12 release include a new process to check and distribute load-balancing and web serving configuration within a cluster of NGINX Plus servers. In addition the nginScript configuration language tool, first realeased in 2015, has "reached maturity and is fully supported in NGINX Plus", the company said.

Monitoring and instrumentation provide insights on application performance, the company said, along with NGINX Plus tuning, and new caching features that improve performance

The announcement was rounded off by the enhancements to load balancing including application-level health checks to support the autoscaling of application resources in a controlled fashion.

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