No, Apple won't force anyone to buy the new iPhone

As the unveiling of Apple's new iPhone approaches, the nay-sayers are out in force stating that the company will somehow coerce buyers to upgrade. That ignores one pertinent fact.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet

The new iPhone, aka iPhone 6, is getting close with Apple expected to unveil it next week. This has the usual crowd popping out of the Web like those creatures in a whack-a-mole game, claiming that Apple will somehow trick existing iPhone owners (aka iSheep) or force them to upgrade. The premise that any company can hoodwink millions of owners to do anything is absurd.

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According to some, the iSheep will ignorantly line up for the latest piece of junk that Apple forces on the masses. After all, what other reason would make millions buy an over-priced device that is so far behind the competition?

A majority of owners of Apple's products not only like them, they like them a lot.

The answer is obvious. It's called customer satisfaction. Yes, a majority of owners of Apple's products not only like them, but they like them a lot. They like the design, the build quality, and they are very satisfied with both the product and the user experience. That's a powerful incentive to upgrade a device to the latest model.

The upcoming iPhone may not be as rich in features as every phone out there, and it may lack some things found on other products. That's key to some tech-savvy folks, and that's OK. It doesn't matter to a lot of Apple's existing customers, however.

Go ahead and justify to yourself why Apple's customers are being led by the nose to the latest iPhone. The fact is that customer satisfaction is very important to any company, and a great reason for customers to upgrade.

You might be surprised to find that the company behind your current device might sell you out in a heartbeat if it could have the customer satisfaction that Apple's products have generated for a decade. Whatever company that may be and however much they appreciate you, they'd probably like a loyal customer base like Apple's far more.

Rest assured that Apple is not going to make anyone upgrade to the next iPhone. It won’t have to, as satisfied customers will line up to do it. No subterfuge required, just good business.

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