Nokia issues update for Lumia 900 that fixes purple hue backlight issue

With two updates already released for the Nokia Lumia 900, they are showing they are committed to making the experience for consumers a good one.

Nokia just confirmed that my earlier post stating the Nokia should be designated as the Windows Phone manufacturer may be a good strategy with their new update for the Nokia Lumia 900 that just went live. This is already the second update for the device where other manufacturers have been silent for months on updates.

While the main purpose of the first update was to address connectivity issues and this one is designed to fix the low backlight purple hue issue, it still shows me that Nokia honestly cares about the Nokia Lumia line and is working hard to please consumers. While these updates would not have been necessary if the device was perfect out of the box, we are seeing this same need for quick fixes across all smartphone platforms today. This update includes:

  • Removes purple hue which affected the screen of some devices in low light conditions
  • Enhanced sensitivity for proximity sensor performance
  • Other minor adjustments and enhancements

I performed the update this morning on my Lumia 900 and can confirm that the purple hue issue is now fixed and my white Lumia 900 remains my current favorite device. I can now switch back to auto display brightness rather than leaving it at a medium setting and hopefully improve my battery life as well.

Nokia is committed to Windows Phone and quick responses over the past could of months demonstrate this committment.

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