North Korean broadcaster shows Internet of Things goods

Even the hermit kingdom seems to acknowledge the potential of the Internet of Things.

According to Yonhap, the North Korean state broadcaster of Korean Central Television (KCTV) had broadcast videos of tech goods from various global home appliance trade shows.

A program called Science Technology Common Knowledge, showcasing various IT products made by German and US companies that feature Internet of Things (IoT) technology, was aired across TVs in the country.

The government-backed broadcaster is known for spending a majority of airtime showing state propaganda and cutting off news from the outside world.

Goods from the US accounted for the majority of the IT products shown.

Fashion giant Ralph Lauren's Polo tech shirt, a smart apparel, launched in August last year during the US Open, and was introduced for a sizeable time out of the program, Yonhap said.

KCTV explicitly explained in detail that the Polo Tech Shirt was sports apparel worn by both sportsmen and regular people that has special reception devices installed, and can record speed and power during games.

It also showed various trinkets for women that can be connected to smartphones. Apple's iPhones were in full display on the show.

German giant Siemens' dishwashers and ovens that can link to phones were also among the goods on the program, with KCTV saying that more remote-controlled home appliances will allow women to both work and take care of their homes.

Intelligence-imbued products like those shown will allow what was once only imaginable things seen or used in reality, the broadcaster said.

Yonhap said that North Korea showing foreign technology uncut to its people shows the confidence of the Kim Jong-un regime, which stresses the importance of technology. The state is reportedly improving its treatment of scientists and technicians.

Since allowing telecommunications services in 2008, as of June last year, North Korea had over 2.4 million smartphone users. They are reportedly using iPhones and smartphones made by Nokia.

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