Nothing to see here, Verizon iPad is simply a WiFi iPad and a MiFi

It looks like Verizon is trying to take advantage of the Apple name and is bundling a MiFi with a standard WiFi iPad and acting like it is something special. This is the same thing you can do with any carrier and a WiFi hotspot-enabled device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I received a link to the press release that Verizon Wireless is going to offer the iPad on 28 October and thought it was great news that a CDMA iPad was coming which would likely lead to a CDMA iPhone. Guess what? This offer is simply a standard iPad WiFi unit and a MiFi bundle with some special limited data pricing. You can get the same thing with any carrier by tethering a smartphone or using a MiFi or Overdrive too so there is nothing really to see here. Having a 3G iPad like AT&T does is way different than having two devices, one with very limited battery life, in a bundle package and looks to just be a clever marketing ploy.

Here are the bundled offerings from Verizon:

  • iPad WiFi 16GB and MiFi for $629.99
  • iPad WiFi 32GB and MiFi for $729.99
  • iPad WiFi 64GB and MiFi for $829.99

This deal essentially bundles the MiFi for $130 and requires you to sign up for a wireless data plan with the MiFi at these available data package prices. The agreement is only on a month-to-month basis without any termination fee:

  • 1GB of date for $20/month ($20/1GB overage)
  • 3GB of data for $35/month ($10/1GB overage)
  • 5GB of data for $50/month ($10/1GB overage)

The overage charges are slightly different too so if there is any chance of going over 1GB make sure you buy the 3GB plan that ends up being cheaper than the risk of going over 1GB

While the iPad gives you 10 hours of use, you will only see three to four hours of connectivity with the MiFi. You can carry extra batteries for the MiFi though.

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