Now Nudgemail lets you email appointments into your calendar

NudgeMail is a great little service that lets you alert yourself to important tasks via email. A new feature extends this capability so that you can mail appointments directly into your calendar.
Written by Jason Hiner, Editor in Chief

The service Nudgemail started with an ingenious little idea -- use pithy email alerts to remind yourself of important stuff. You do it by sending coded emails to its service that will then send you back an email alert at the time you specificed (here's more on how it works).

While most of us whine about email overload, email remains a universal platform that we all access constantly across various types of mobile devices and computers. That's why Nudgemail works. All you have to do to set up an alert is send an email. And, once you get the alert, it's easy to simply delete the alert message once you've read it and been activated to focus on the thing you needed to remember.

Now, the service is expanding its reach to include a new capability - email an entry into your calendar. You send a message like "Feb 1:Set up monthly conference call" or "Nextweek:Follow up with boss about 2011 goals" and NudgeMail converts it to a calendar entry. The new feature launched on Wednesday.

Essentially, this is just taking your reminders that you set up in NudgeMail and making them not just email alerts but also calendar entries. Unfortunately, it only works with Google Calendar and you can't actually manage or delete alerts from Google calendar itself. You can only view them. Nevertheless, this is a useful addition to a very useful little service, and NudgeMail promises that managing alerts from your calendar is coming soon. Hopefully, integration with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange is also coming soon, since that remains the most prevalent corporate calendaring system.

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