Now you can follow SmartPlanet on Google Buzz

SmartPlanet has joined Google Buzz. Here's where you should go to follow us.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor on

Have you heard about Google Buzz?

The much-talked-about social media service has taken the Internet by storm (for better or worse!), thanks to the high-profile announcement by Google, one of tech's biggest companies.

There's still much to work out with the service, which is somewhat like Twitter and Facebook, but connected to your existing Google account.

Nevertheless, we're embracing it.

So we've established an official SmartPlanet presence on Buzz, which you should follow if you want to receive our signature mix of news, commentary and ideas about technology, science, business, energy and design -- all from within Gmail.

True Buzz's social media DNA, you'll also be able to comment, "like" and share items. (We plan to offer more interesting content once Google smoothes out the wrinkles.)

To follow us on Buzz, head to this page and click on "Follow SmartPlanet."

(Of course, don't forget that you can find us on Twitter and Facebook, too.)

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