Nuance partners with Nexgen on voice recognition tools for first responders

The partnership gives Nuance a way to bring its Dragon Law Enforcement speech recognition product to a wider customer base that includes 911 call centers and EMT agencies.

Nuance Communications has a new partner to help bring its voice recognition technology to more first responders.

The conversational technology business is working with Nexgen, a Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems (CAD/RMS) provider, to bring AI-powered voice recognition to dispatch and public safety communications systems.

Specifically, the companies will be combining Nuance's Dragon Law Enforcement speech recognition technology with Nexgen's set of software system offerings. Nexgen's interactive CAD/RMS and mobile system software help optimize department and agency performance.

Nuance's Dragon Law Enforcement is already used by thousands of law enforcement officers across the US, Mark Geremia, Nuance's general manager of Dragon, told ZDNet. By partnering with Nexgen, Nuance can expand its customer base beyond law enforcement to include fire departments, 911 call centers and EMT agencies.

The tighter integration between Nuance's and Nexgen's products should give first responders using CAD systems more powerful dictation and voice command capabilities.

"First responders can not only improve report accuracy and timeliness but also ensure the right information is brought to the right individuals quickly - key when you're dealing with life or death situations," Geremia said over email. "We expect this partnership to continue the already expanding market for the solution."

Nuance has established other industry-specific partnerships to build its customer base. For instance, earlier this year, it announced a partnership with the major health care software company Epic to roll out AI-powered virtual assistants tailored for health care professionals.

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