Nuggets: Another MP3 effort from LG

LG comes to market with another MP3 player... er should've learned from the mistakes of the first one...

Another day, another MP3 player from LG Electronics. It does keep trying, despite getting less than favourable reviews for its digital music offerings.

The MF-PD360 offers twice the memory of its predecessor. Unfortunately though this is contained purely on the two bundled memory cards -- the hard to find MultiMedia Cards. There is no internal memory, meaning for the moment the maximum memory you'll get is 64MB.

There's the now pretty standard USB connection for faster file transfers and a backlit remote on the earphones. The control also shows battery time, song title and artist.

Features include the normal, usually pointless, equalisation presets, bookmark facility for skipping to parts of a track and repeat/random play.

Like its predecessor, it bizarrely does not include any software for ripping, storing or organising tracks. Of course there's loads of such software available for free download, but it's a strange omission none the less.

Out in June for £169.