Nuggets: Another week another MP3 player

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More kit than Man U...

Forget what Creative says, UK company's like Philex are desperately trying to grab a share of the expected Christmas rush for digital products. Unfortunately, Philex' offering, the Mplayer, probably won't be as warmly received as the Nomad.

The Mplayer is a pretty standard MP3 gadget, with 32MB on-board flash memory -- pretty poor for the price -- and weighs 70g. Following the current trend in MP3 players, the Mplayer has a built-in microphone that lets it double up as a 99 message, digital dictaphone.

Not to knock the Brit offering there is at least one cool feature that stands out -- the on-board analogue to digital converter that lets you record from your hi-fi directly to the player in MP3 format. Now that's handy...

The Mplayer comes in a transparent blue and silver casing, runs on one AA battery and the controls include mega bass (coz that's always been useful on a WalkMan...) and an equaliser with definable bass and treble. Oh and there's the slightly over-the-top 40-step volume control.

It's in the shops now for £149.99. Which ain't cheap.

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