Nuggets: Big screen junkies apply here

Why leave home when you've got a cinema in your sitting room?

You've got your DVD player, your digital widescreen television set and a damn fine set of speakers. But it's not enough. You're craving more. You want it bigger and you want it clearer. You need... a digital projector.

If you've got the cash Davis may be able to help you out. Its Cinema One projector lets you view DVD, TV or video at up to five metres square. A colour wheel enhances the colour saturation, and there's a "16:9" switch to let you view wide-screen films in their original format without distortion.

It's got internal two-watt speakers, but you'll probably ignore these and connect up to your own far superior sound system. It also comes with an integrated television tuner, meaning you could chuck away your old set.

The ivory coloured box weighs 4.5kg and has an A4-sized footprint. If you really want to, you can also use it with your PC. To stop you worrying, Davis gives you future-proof software upgrades.

It costs £3,995, but think what you'll save in cinema tickets.

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