Nuggets: Graphics chip goes vroooom!

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Elsa's got a bit of wellie

Elsa's Erazor X is one of the first graphics boards to be built around Nvidia's powerful new GeForce 256 chip. On board the Erazor X is 32MB of rapid synchronous DRAM and 350MHz RAMDAC, giving display refresh rates of up to 200Hz.

The Elsa drivers allow you to adjust resolution, colour depth and refresh rates without having to restart your PC. Elsa says that games based on DirectX 7.0 will be displayed in resolutions up to 1920 x 1280, with up to 16.7m colours.

In addition to the card, you get full versions of Corel Draw 7, Corel PhotoPaint 7 and the game Need For Speed 4.

Available now for £199.99.

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