Nuggets: Graphics on a budget anyone?

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"Get yer graphics cheap... only 60 quid!"

Adobe's Photoshop is great for Web page designers and other design fanatics. If it wasn't it wouldn't be the most popular graphics package around. However the rest of us are probably just looking for a decent, basic graphics editing package that doesn't cost hundreds of pounds. Something like Jasc Software's Paint Shop Pro, which gives you loads of creative opportunities but doesn't break the bank.

Version 6 -- just released -- comes with an updated version of Jasc's animation programme, Animation Shop 2 and lots of new design and editing tools. Features of Version 6 include editable text, vector drawing tools, multiple image printing, an enhanced browser for image management, and direct support for over 120 digital cameras. New special effects include bevel, weave, along with a wider range of filters.

In the shops now for £60, or £39.95 for the upgrade version.

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