Nuggets: Is it a phone or is it a Walkman?

MP3 on a phone...We've got MP3 players in watches from Casio, in cameras from Samsung and now they're getting into phones. Soon we won't be able to escape the damn things.
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Samsung has finally gotten around to launching a GSM version of its MP3 mobile phone, released in Korea last year. The gadget-meister has taken the already pretty sexy SGH-A100 and bunged in an MP3 player with a 32MB flash chip -- enough for about 8 high quality tracks. At the moment this is all the storage you get, although Samsung says that it is has plans to introduce a slot for memory cards in the future.

Aiming to attract a wider customer spread than your average gadget head, Samsung is at pains to point out that you can also use the phone to lug around more business type stuff, like Word and Excel documents.

There's a button on the earphones to connect to incoming calls, though if you're happier listening to your tunes than talking to your friends, you can also set it not to take incoming calls. When a call is finished, tracks start up again at the point you left them.

The handset, which comes with all the usual accessories, is a skinny 19.3mm and weighs 97g.

You'll be able to get your hands on one this summer but don't ask how much 'coz we just don't know!

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