Nuggets: More bang for your PhotoShop buck

Extensis' latest box of PhotoShop goodies is a must.

If you're a PhotoShop fanatic, then you'll probably also be quite into Extensis' range of imaging tools. And, most likely, you'll be on the cusp of upgrading to version 5.5.

Well now you can have the lot in one simple box, with Extensis Extreme Upgrade for PhotoShop 5.5. This bundles the main Adobe version upgrade with some of Extensis' top products, which means that provided you actually do want them all in the first place, you'll save yourself around 50 per cent on the price of the individual packages.

The Extensis tools include: PhotoFrame 2.0, to create image frames and border effects; Intellihance Pro 4.0, an image enhancement filter; PhotoGraphics 1.0, a set of illustration tools; and PhotoTools 3.0, which provides text editing facilities, the ability to create buttons for Web pages and real world effects generation.

Get creative for £329.