Nuggets: Sony DV camera ain't cheap - but oh so cool...

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Holiday memories will never look the same

Tweaking its mini DV camcorder range to take advantage of its Memory Stick technology, Sony has launched the DC-TRV10.

This time Sony want you to use Memory Stick to transfer digital images from the camcorder to your PC -- the connection kit includes a Memory Stick serial port adapter, as well as Sony's Picture Gear Lite software for downloading and browsing pictures. By combining a still image from the Memory Stick and the live picture from the camera you can create three new effects. Camera Chroma Key is an effect where blue background in the live image is overlapped by a still picture, Memory Chroma Key overlaps the live image over the blue parts of the still picture and Memory Luminance causes the live picture to appear in the illuminated white parts of the still image. Lots of ways to make your holiday video slightly more interesting.

There's a choice of either 16-bit or 12-bit PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) digital stereo recordings, with an audio dub facility to let you ad a 12-bit stereo track to recordings. Sony's Super Steady Shot image stabilisation uses motion sensors to stop shaking hands ruining your recording, with a DV Syncro Edit Function to ease editing. Other functions include Photo Mode, which lets you record 500 still images on a 60 minute tape, six different background digital effects, eight picture effects, a 40x Digital Zoom and a NightShot slow shutter mode for recording at night.

Available now for £1200.

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