Nuggets: Sony puts your voice on a stick

Transfer recordings between ICX-MS1 and Vaio laptop

The latest place Sony has chosen to shove its Memory Stick is into a digital voice recorder.

Showing at Comdex, the ICX-MS1 Memory Stick recorder gives up to 131 minutes of recording time on one 16MB Memory Stick. Voice files can be sent as an audio attachment to an email or converted to text with Sony's WAVpedal software.

If you've got a Vaio notebook you just stick the Memory Stick into its slot to download recorded voice files using the Memory Stick Voice Editor software. For everyone else there's an adapter for transferring files to any PC or laptop.

The recorder has playback edit functions for tidying up recorded voice. There's a back-lit LCD screen that displays the number of messages, date and time of each recording and remaining battery power.

It goes on sale in the US in March for $299.95 (about £180) but, surprise surprise, there are no UK details so far.

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