Nuggets: Turn your Ericsson phone into an MP3 player

Those mobile manufacturers keep coming up with funky gadgets that plug into your phone
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

A new lightweight accessory gives an Ericsson mobile phone the ability to play MP3 files.

The MP3 Handsfree HPM-10 is pretty tiny, and slots into the base of most phones in the Ericsson range. It draws power from the phone, and there's a jack to plug the headphones into.

There's only space for about 30 minutes of MP3 action on the Handsfree, which comes with some ripping software to convert those CDs into handy little files. Don't worry about missing a call while you're bopping along to a bit of muzak, coz the tune is automatically muted when someone phones you.

The bundled microphone has a button for call answer, and also allows voice-dialling. Oh ,and there's a clothes clip too. Those Ericsson labs folk really do think of everything.

If you're fashion-conscious then you'll be chuffed to hear that the Handsfree comes in a nice range of pretty colours to match your mobile.

Sounds like a decent gadget, and at £149 (inc VAT) it's cheaper than lashing out £350 for Virgin's SGH M100 (watch out for a nugget on the M100 later this week).

  • Ericsson MP3 Handsfree accessory

  • £149 (inc VAT)
  • Lets you listen to MP3 files when its plugged into your mobile
  • Works with Ericsson T28, T28 WORLD, R310, R320 and A2618
  • Holds 30 minutes of MP3
  • Includes headphones, microphone and clothes clip
  • www.ericsson.co.uk

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