Nuxeo trials integrated marketplace for ECM platform

The company's new marketplace and control panel promise to provide a centralised point of access for installation and management of apps and packages
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor on

The enterprise content management specialist Nuxeo is privately trialling its Nuxeo Marketplace, an integrated marketplace and management platform that the company says will provide an easy way for customers to enhance its existing products.

The Nuxeo Marketplace is designed to showcase new apps, plug-ins and optional features. According to the open-source firm, it will quickly allow the distribution of such add-ons across the Nuxeo ECM platform, which includes products such as the company's Document Management system.

Meanwhile, the new Admin Center will allow users to manage their applications and install new packages from directly within the platform, as well as offering patches and critical software updates.

Eric Barroca, chief executive of Nuxeo, said in a blog post on Thursday that access to the Nuxeo Marketplace and Admin Center is directly tied into the Nuxeo Connect subscription program, which offers maintenance, support and other tools for the company's enterprise content management products.

Third-party developers can also build their own apps for the platform and submit them to Nuxeo for approval, after which they will be added to the Nuxeo Marketplace.

The preview is currently open to community members, contributors, partners and customers, but a general release is expected to coincide with the launch of Document Manager 5.4 at the end of September.

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