NZ Police widen use of Auror crime-fighting tools

Tools help Police fight high-volume crimes such as shoplifting and petrol drive-offs.

New Zealand Police is expanding the range of Auror crime prevention software tools it uses.

Auror's cloud-based platform streamlines what it calls "everyday crime" reporting by collating information and identifying connections between offenders, vehicles, and incidents.


Auror CEO Phil Thomson

Its platform allows users to "connect the dots in real-time" and respond to high-volume coordinated crimes such as shoplifting and petrol drive-offs.

When an incident occurs, retailers collect information either direct from an alleged offender, from an eyewitness or from their CCTV footage to share instantly with Police.

Auror said these types of crimes cost New Zealand retailers up to NZ$2 million a day or NZ$464 per household a year.

"The platform has been piloted by Police staff across the country, and we have seen significant time savings in the incidents we process from retailers.

"On top of this, we have access to actionable intelligence on high-volume crime, enabling retailers and Police to better prevent crime," said Police deputy commissioner of operations Mike Clement.

The Auror platform has already been used in "Operation Shop" to prevent retail crime in Canterbury, Auror CEO Phil Thomson said.

"We are really excited about the early successes we've seen by allowing effective collaboration between the Police and our communities."

Auckland-based Auror, previously known as Eyedentify, was founded in 2012.