Observations: what's moving the SOA market these days

Six SOA market movers
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

I just had the chance to catch up with MomentumSI's Jeff Schneider while he was up in the Princeton, NJ, area. MomentumSI does a lot of consulting and integration work for SOA projects in organizations across the country, so Jeff's practice is a good bellwether for what's on the minds of SOA practitioners.

He shared some of his observations on he sees moving the SOA market these days:

  • Economic concerns early in the year caused some companies to tighten their SOA projects up (tighten timeframes, or stretch out start dates), but funding has not been cut in any significant way.
  • There's been a chasm between enterprise architects who design SOA and the software and app developers charged with building SOA. The EA-appdev chasm will be problematic for SOA efforts for some time to come.
  • The big SOA suites from the big vendors are starting to gain traction.
  • Service Component Architecture (SCA) is poised to burst on the scene over the coming months, led by most of the large vendors. SCA will, in effect, eventually displace Java Enterprise Edition/J2EE.
  • Composite applications have actually been difficult to design and build, since they depend on so many processes and logic streams criss-crossing the enterprise. Jeff sees relief coming from the mashup side of the house, and proposes a new hybrid, "Rich Composite Applications," as the way to build systems.
  • There is a lot of interest -- even among large organizations -- in the cloud computing, or "Platform as a Service" model, of supplying IT and SOA capabilities.

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