Office 2003: What's in it for you?

The message from Microsoft is that Office 2003 (previously Office 11) has a heavy focus on productivity. What does this mean for you? A ZDNet News Focus

Office 2003 Beta 2: An IT perspective
All of the Office 2003 applications are enhanced over their XP counterparts, the most significant for everyday use being a much-needed overhaul of Outlook's Inbox. Meanwhile, the OneNote personal workbook is a brand-new addition to the Office family that will undoubtedly give the Tablet PC more appeal. Office 11: A conceptual view
Back when Office 11 was still at the pre-beta stage, Microsoft released some details. Here's what we learned at the time. COMMENT:
Should you upgrade to Office 2003?
David Coursey: The 15 discs that are the beta version of Office 2003 have now arrived. Here are my first impressions NEWS:
Microsoft rebrands Office as corporate platform
The latest version of the Office suite of programs is to be positioned as the central base for businesses to build their own solutions Microsoft tries again with new Office beta
Microsoft tries again with the official release of Office 2003, about three weeks after an accidental posting of the software Office 11 beta adds XML tools
Microsoft will be shipping the second beta version of Office 11 next month, complete with XML tools How open is the new Office?
In a move towards greater openness Microsoft is to add support for XML to Office 11 - but it's yet to disclose some crucial information Office 11 gains developer tools
Microsoft has debuted a product for customising Office 11 applications based on its Visual Studio programming environment Microsoft Office 11: Access denied
Microsoft has confirmed that it will drop support for earlier Windows versions in its upcoming productivity suite
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