OMB 'throwing out' current, starting over

OMB will discard the large collection of software components collected in and start over, as the government moves to component-based enterprise architecture. - the federal government's repository of reusable components - is undergoing a major revamp, according to Dick Burk, the government's chief architect at OMB, Federal Computer Week reports.

While holds a lot of components, those applications that can be linked with others to complete business transactions, it has not been nearly as useful as it could be, Burk said.  

“What we’ve decided to do is throw it all out,” Burk said. According to FCW:
Officials are establishing a new governance process and “have begun a top review of various service components for inclusion” into the repository, he said. will also take on a larger role as a collaborative tool for participants in governmentwide projects such as the lines of business.

“I don’t know whether this will be consolidation of IT infrastructure, whether it’ll be standardization across multiple agencies, or whether it’ll simply be a series of smart buys,” Burk said. “There certainly seems to be the promise for saving quite a bit of money and improving the service.”

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