On Amazon, buy a million-dollar Monet

Add to cart: a million-dollar Monet.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

In the market for a $2.5 million Monet? You're in luck, just add it to your Amazon cart.

After some rumors earlier this year, Amazon has officially launched a new section devoted to fine art. Amazon is working with over 150 galleries and dealers to sell 40,000 pieces of art -- everything from Norman Rockwell’s “Willie Gillis: Package from Home” for $4.85 million and Claude Monet's “L'Enfant a la tasse, portrait de Jean Monet” for $1.45 million to Andy Warhol’s “Sachiko” for $45,000 and prints for under $100, and everything in between.

With its launch, the online marketplace is already one of the largest online art galleries selling original and limited edition work. And the hope is that the new art portal can attract a new buyers to $64 billion worldwide fine art market.

“Our passion is to make original art accessible to everyone. When we first heard the vision for Amazon Art, we knew immediately it was a great fit,” said Jodie and Joshua Steen, founders of LusterNYC, an online gallery, in a news release. “I think we’ll begin to see a whole new breed of art collector, and that’s good for everyone—the galleries, artists, and customers.”

The New York Times reports that sellers will pay Amazon a commission of 5-20 percent, depending on the price of the piece, to use the online marketplace.

Check it out.

Image: Amazon

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