On the road to Google I/O 2012

Ed wishes fervently for the invention of the matter-energy transporter. Or at least a first class ticket.
Written by Ed Burnette, Contributor on
Another June, another Google I/O. Wait, June? Yes, the conference was delayed a few weeks this year because... well the official story was it was delayed so it could be 3 days instead of 2, but I wonder if it didn't have something to do with waiting until the latest and greatest version of Android (and a tablet to run it on) was ready.

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One of the disadvantages of living on the East coast is that all the interesting conferences happen in San Francisco. As I write this I'm flying over Des Moines at 33,000 feet. In-flight WiFi is a godsend, but I wonder why WiFi is allowed and phones are not. I could be playing Radiant Defense on my Galaxy Nexus phone but I don't want to accidentally send the plane into a tailspin. Just kidding!

Here's a quick Android tip for you - did you know you can set your phone to "Airplane mode" and then turn WiFi back on? That leaves the cellular radio off, but lets you surf the net, answer mail, or post rambling comments on your blog. This tip works on iPhones as well. Except for the rambling part. It's hard to ramble with a tiny on-screen keyboard.

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