Online holiday shopping puzzle

Tired of wracking your brian about last minute holiday shopping? Stimulate your mind instead!
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

Tired of wracking your brain about last minute holiday shopping?

Stimulate your mind instead!



1. Nickname for the Internet
4. Vendors
6. Federal agency charged with protecting consumer rights

7. First letters of most web addresses

8. Santa's gift delivery method

11. Gadget clicked on the computer

12. A consumer transaction

13. Web location of a business, organization or person

14. Computer symbol

19. Federal _____ Commission

20. Symbol often used to identify that a server is secure during online transmissions

21. Personal information to protect during online transactions

23. Time of celebration

25. Activity done under mistletoe

27. On a computer

28. Trickery

29. Santa's Work____



2. Kind of tree gifts are placed under
3. Safest type of card to use to pay for online purchases
5. Software required to access the Internet
9. North Pole workers
10. Encryption often used to transmit financial information online
13. Red-garbed man who brings holiday gifts
15. Holiday song
16. Common delivery method for online purchases
17. Kind of vendor to buy from
18. Method of paying with money when items are delivered
21. Identification used to access a computer or network
22. Person to protect online transmissions from
24. Snoozing
25. A present

Puzzle Solution

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