Open Source Foundation of Universal Mobile Torrents

Open Source Foundation of Universal Mobile TorrentsBy: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.comTorrent platforms are beginning to make their way into the mobile community.

Open Source Foundation of Universal Mobile Torrents By: Eric Everson, Founder

Torrent platforms are beginning to make their way into the mobile community. As torrents swept through computer based platforms, the same will bode true of mobile torrents. Though mobile torrents face a few unique barriers of entry, the migration towards open source is beckoning the advancement of universal mobile torrents.

The day is forthcoming when universal mobile torrents (UMTs) will work across all mobile operating systems. As torrent technology is a mainstay in the sister industry of computing, UMT’s will saturate cell phones throughout the world.

While not an imminent concern today, such UMTs represent critical security obstacles for cell phone security professionals. As UMTs evolve, all handsets that employ them will be at increased risk of downloading malicious content. As security metrics vary drastically between cell phones and computers, UMTs create greater security vulnerabilities for government, enterprise, and individual cell phone users alike.

With the mobile industry migrating towards open source, the development of true universal mobile torrents is becoming a mobile security reality. Already for specific mobile operating systems WinMobile Torrents and the recently introduced SymTorrent platforms are growing in popularity. With Google’s Android ushering in yet another open platform a torrent package is sure to emerge early for the G-Phone. As cell phones collectively migrate toward open source interlinking the operating systems by means of a UMT is only inevitable.

As the founder of, naturally I see the risk before the reward of UMTs but I (like most) am also starved for good mobile content. Mobile torrents will provide a medium for high quality third-party mobile content to enter mass market cellular users.

Here’s to what’s hot in mobile!

Your friend and mobile security expert, Eric Everson, Founder