OpenWorld 2012 preview: Oracle Cloud is getting bigger

CEO Larry Ellison dished a few hints about what we can expect Oracle OpenWorld 2012 during last week's earnings conference call.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 is less than a week away now, but there are plenty of things to talk about already.

Much like how Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff dropped plenty (and maybe too many) hints during the company's earnings conference call ahead of Dreamforce '12, CEO Larry Ellison also revealed a few tidbits last Thursday about what we can expect at OpenWorld.

The big item we can expect is the expansion of the Oracle Cloud, which was unveiled back in June after six years in development.

Ellison cited specifically that Oracle will be adding Infrastructure-as-a-Service so that Oracle Cloud will be comprised of "all three tiers of cloud computing -- software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service."

Our SaaS offering includes complete application suites for CRM, HCM, and ERP. Today, Oracle delivers more SaaS applications than any other cloud service provider in the world. Our PaaS offering, or platform as a service, includes the most popular database in the world, Oracle, and the most popular programming language in the world, Java. Those two industry standard platform services, combined with our new social network service platform, gives our customers the tools they need to rapidly develop modern applications that run in the cloud.
Our new infrastructure as a service offering provides secure, virtualized compute and storage services. In the Oracle cloud or -- and this is very important -- an identical infrastructure service installed in our customer's data center as an Oracle-managed private cloud. Customers can easily move their applications from traditional custom and packaged applications to our modern fusion SaaS applications back and forth between the Oracle cloud and their private cloud.

But the cloud won't be the only big focus at the annual expo. Hardware is the backbone of Oracle, and databases will still be front and center.

Ellison told analysts and investors on the call that Oracle 12c, the new version of the global corporation's new database, will be rolling out. Describing it as a "very, very big deal," Ellison explained further that it has been built with the cloud in mind.

So, again, if you will, I am not sure I want to use the multi-tenant term, but it's -- we have these things called multi -- we have things called plausible databases which allow multiple tenants to securely coexist in the same database. And, of course, then that is covered with virtualization. So, we take the belt and suspenders approach to security and make sure your data is isolated and private and safe and secure.

Oracle 12c is expected to roll out this winter. Oracle OpenWorld 2012 starts on Sunday, September 30 and runs through Thursday, October 4 in San Francisco.

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