Opera Mobile 9.5 beta released

The first beta version of Opera Mobile 9.5 provides the most standards-compliant mobile browser available, claims the company

Opera has released a beta version of its latest mobile browser, Opera Mobile 9.5.

Available for Windows Mobile phones and some Series 60 handsets, the beta browser was released on Thursday. The lower-end version of Opera's mobile browser is Opera Mini which, unlike Opera Mobile, is free.

Opera Mobile 9.5 uses the same zoom technology as Opera Mini, but also allows the user to save pages and images. It also has a revamped user interface and is, according to Opera, "among the fastest browsers, if not the fastest".

According to the company, Opera Mobile 9.5 is the most standards-compliant mobile browser available. However, Opera has warned those intending to download Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 1 that, being a beta, the browser does contain bugs and "may cause data loss or other unintended actions".