Opera Web Browser version 10.10 Released

I just noticed that Opera 10.10 is available for download.
Written by J.A. Watson, Contributor

I just noticed that Opera 10.10 is available for download. Here's a one-word review: WOW!.

I am quite partial to Opera, and I have been since way back in the days when I liked it enough to pay money for it. It has always been a little bit different, a little bit more than "just another web browser", and this new release is certainly no exception. If you have never tried Opera, I encourage you very strongly to at least take a look. It downloads and installs very quickly, and I believe that a lot of people will be hooked the first time they see it running.

You can check the Opera web page for a complete list of new features in this release. Here are what I consider to be just a few of the highlights:

- Drag the handle at the bottom of the tab bar, and it opens up to show thumbnail views of each tab. Of course, as has been the case since the 10.0 release, you can also just hold the mouse cursor on a tab to pop up a thumbnail view of that tab.

- Customizable Speed-Dial. This actually appeared in 10.0 also, but it has been refined a bit in each release since then. Now you can have anywhere from 2 to 25 Speed-Dial buttons, and you can select the background of the Speed-Dial page. I love Speed-Dial, in my opinion it is the single best feature of Opera.

- Opera "Unite", a group of web applications for sharing photos, music and other files.

- Opera Turbo, for moderate or low speed connections, compression and content adjustment/filtering that makes a dramatic difference in speed.

As usual, there is plenty more that I haven't mentioned here. Take a look at the Opera web page, and just download it and try it out for yourself.

jw 23/11/2009

P.S. A couple of things I should have made more clear. Opera is free to download. I used to pay for it, years ago, when it was on an annual subscription basis. That is no longer the case. Also, there are versions for MacOS and Windows, as well as a variety of Linux distributions.


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