Oracle makes a 'splat' at XML 2005

Atlanta conference has everything you wanted to know about XML
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

If you're from the development side of the house, Kurt Cagle provides a blow-by-blow account of what's happening at XML 2005 this week in Atlanta.

Cagle says there is plenty of talk about SOA, of course, with this self-describing bit of commentary: "Oh I so love SOA - it is SOOO exciting ... snore..." 

He notes that Oracle's Steve Harris, in his keynote, has added a new term to the Web services lexicon: WS-Splat. But also notes that "Oracle has definitely swallowed the 'WS-* koolaid' (WS Reliability, WS-Security, WSI BP, BPEL, WS-Policy, WSIF, WS-Addressing)."

Still, the Big O seems to be taking a leadership role in the XML space, Cagle notes. "Oracle has now started using XML as a mechanism for event notification and handlings through large and complex systems," he relates. "They are also looking at XML as the mechanism for rule statement and processing, something I've always found to be one of the more significant benefits that XML offers."

Apparently, based on Harris' remarks, Oracle is also visibly throwing some weight and resources behind XQuery and JavaServer Faces.

Cagle also provides some informative updates on Microsoft's Language Integrated Query (Linq)DocBook, and MathML, all works in progress.

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