Oracle makes GoldenGate a cloud-native, fully-managed service

The general purpose real-time data fabric platform is designed to deliver data integration for both operational databases and analytic data stores
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer on

Oracle on Wednesday announced that it's making GoldenGate, its popular real-time data fabric, available as a cloud-native service that's highly automated and fully managed. The intent is to bring the service to a wider market -- both by making it more affordable and more accessible for non-technical users. 

As a general purpose, real-time data fabric, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate service goes further than other cloud providers' options for real-time data replication, Oracle contends. Amazon Web Services offers a more narrowly-focused database migration service, while Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure require customers to take a more hands-on approach. 

Oracle's GoldenGate technology is a set of platform components that has helped organizations with data replication for more than 10 years. Oracle already has thousands of GoldenGate customers, including more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100. 

In its new form, customers don't have to worry about extracting data, transforming it to fit database cloud services, or loading it into database cloud services. Moreover, the service also takes care of analyzing the data in real time as it's being replicated, and it delivers continuous business continuity while data is being replicated. All told, it simplifies the process of moving data between different database types, vendors and products. 

While OCI GoldenGate was engineered to ensure it's the best possible fit for Oracle Cloud, Oracle says it's also designed for multi-cloud scenarios, where customers need to replicate data in real time as a continuous flow of information between global data centers.

The use cases span both operational needs -- such as transaction synchronization between cloud and non-cloud locations -- as well as analytic needs, like real-time data ingestion in cloud data lakes, or time-series analytics on streaming data. 


OCI GoldenGate is offered on an elastic, pay-per-use model. It autoscales, so customers can start small and move to bigger workloads. 

It's accessible via a graphical user interface designed to for database administrators as well as non-DBA users.

Customers can try it on the Oracle Cloud free tier, and the service is otherwise priced at 67 cents per vCPU/hour. 

The service is affordable, Oracle contends, because its automated services remove the administrative overhead that comes with customers managing operations.

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