Orange, O2 give pricing for iPhone 4 and its tariffs

Orange is the first operator in the UK to say how much it will charge for Apple's upcoming smartphone and its associated contracts, with O2 giving its prices hours later

Orange has become the first UK operator to list its iPhone 4 pricing and tariffs, with O2 following suit shortly afterwards.

Orange said on Thursday morning that the 16GB version of the smartphone will be free on its business tariff that costs £50 per month on a two-year contract. The 32GB version will cost £41.70 on the same tariff.

O2 announced that afternoon that the 16GB model would be free on £60 per month two-year, or £65 per month 18-month contracts, with the 32GB costing £29 for the same tariffs.

On Orange's cheapest business tariff — which involves a £30 outlay per month on a two-year contract — the 16GB version will cost £101.28 and the 32GB version will cost £186.38. For those wanting to get the handset SIM-free, Orange will charge £480 for the 16GB version and £570 for the 32GB version.

O2's pricing is £279 for a £25 per month, two-year contract or £209 for a £30 per month, 18-month contract for the 16GB model; £323 and £299, respectively, for 32GB. O2 has not announced pay-as-you-go pricing; a company spokesperson told ZDNet UK that this would be announced "shortly, or later".

None of the other operators lined up to carry the device — T-Mobile, Vodafone, 3 and Tesco — have released pricing. The handset is due for release on 24 June.

The iPhone 4 will use a micro-SIM, as used in the 3G versions of the iPad. Orange noted in an FAQ section that the "iPad micro-SIM card will not work with your iPhone" — sources at Apple suggested that this was because the iPad micro-SIM is not provisioned for voice calls.