Outside In relieves HTML headaches

Inso checks in with a rather decent server-based HTML converter.
Written by Dave Wilby, Contributor

If HTML is turning you inside out with frustration, you could do worse than to check out Outside In Server (2.0) from Inso, its latest web server-based, real-time HTML conversion software.

Outside In Server supports on-the-fly conversions to HTML, GIF or JPEG from almost any document format, including the most popular offerings from Microsoft, Lotus, Corel and the other usual suspects.

Key to the latest release is the ability to play with Microsoft Office 2000 file formats, integrate with Apache NT web server, and publish from remote virtual directories in Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0. This last element has the added benefit of providing enhanced security elements for web access and content.

Scott Norder, Inso president, claims that as well as providing a simpler and more efficient way for authors to publish their documents on the web, Outside In Server 2.0 will have the added benefit of freeing up valuable web professionals from HTML conversion for more arduous tasks...

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