Outsourcing links for February

Great outsourcing links for February

Will China's Internet purges inhibit their knowledge services industry? :  Interesting commentary on the fact that the Chinese government is working extremely hard to increase its level of censorship and keep the Chinese Internet-world sectioned off from the rest of the world.

Human Resources Outsourcing: Where’s the Value? :  Great insights on the purpose and value firms have experienced outsourcing their Human Resources function.

The NASSCOM 2008 Diaries: More Fog on the WindshieldAMR Research's legend, Bruce Richardson, on his experiences and takeaways from the recent NASSCOM event in India.

Renewal Strategies for ITO Relationships : Peter Allen, TPI's thought-leader on all things outsourcing comes up with some interesting strategies for firms looking to get more value from renewing their relationships with their IT outsourcing provider.